City Assessor

City Assessor, CSZ Services
Chuck & Melissa Zemla
Office Hours:  Wednesdays 8:00am-5:00pm

Melissa Zemla, Assessor

CSZ Services of St. Johns, Michigan is owned and operated by Chuck and Melissa Zemla and employs ten staff members, a GIS Manager and various field technicians.   CSZ Services includes assessment work for local governments at the city, township and village levels.  CSZ Services was appointed City Assessor in October 2017.

Phone: (989) 224-8944 Ext. 222
Fax: (989) 224-2204

Physical Address:  100 East State Street, Suite 1100, St. Johns, MI  48879

Mailing Address:  P.O. Box 477, St. Johns, MI  48879

The Assessor values all real and personal property subject to taxation under the Michigan General Property Tax Act. The Assessor is required under Michigan law to discover, list and value all property within the City and to assess the property at 50% of its current market value. The Assessor does not make the laws which affect property owners. The tax laws are made by the Michigan Legislature. Tax rates are determined by the individual local taxing authorities (City, County, State, Schools).