Jordan Whitford, Wastewater Treatment Facility Supervisor  
Phone: (989) 224-8944 Ext. 230
Fax:  (989) 224-2204

Emergency 'After Hours' Phone: (989) 224 -224-9192


A utility/street permit must be completed prior to performing any work in the City right-of-way.  Fees may apply depending on work. Contact City Offices at (989) 224-8944 for further information.

What is Wastewater?

Wastewater or sewage is the byproduct of many uses of water.  There are the household uses such as showering, dishwashing, laundry and, of course, flushing the toilet.  Additionally, companies use water for many purposes including processes, products and cleaning/rinsing parts.  After the water has been used, it enters the wastewater stream and flows to the wastewater facility for proper treatment. 

What is Inflow & Infiltration (I & I)?

Inflow is water from a sump pump or roof drain.  This relatively clean water should be connected and discharged to a storm water system.  In some cases, homeowners connect sump pumps (illegally) to the sanitary sewer because it is relatively easy and inexpensive.

Infiltration is groundwater that seeps directly into sanitary transmission systems, usually during the spring heavy rains and melting snow.

The City of St. Johns Wastewater Treatment Facility receives an average daily flow of 1.3 million gallons of wastewater from residents and businesses within the City and portions of Bingham Township.  Our facility provides tertiary treatment utilizing biodisks and filtration technology.

We initiated many improvements with a construction project that began in July 2008 at the St. Johns facility.  We implemented a very practical design to limit the cost for our community.  At the same time, replacing old equipment, rerouting portions of the flow to gain wet-weather capacity further increased efficiencies throughout the processes.

We welcome the opportunity to explain the operation and regulations/requirements we must achieve at your public-owned wastewater treatment facility.


Service Request

We provide residential assistance in the event of a sewer back-up. During normal business hours (7:00AM - 4:00PM) residents can call (989) 224-8944, Ext 230. After hours, calls can be placed to the Emergency Answering Service at (989) 224-9192. City personnel will quickly respond to any/all calls and verify problems.


Throughout the year we provide tours of our facility (usually high school and college students). These scheduled tours may be posted here on the web site in the future. We encourage anyone whom would like to walk through the Wastewater Facility to schedule an appointment, please call (989) 224-8944, Ext 230.